Flex FAQ


iSpot Connect Flex Annual Rentals

How do I order the iSpot Connect Flex service?

The iSpot Connect Flex annual subscription can only be ordered online on our website (http://www.ispotconnect.com/store).

Is a deposit required?

No.  However, if the unit is damaged or items are missing when returned, we will charge CHF 80.00 for the hotspot, CHF 15.00 for the USB charger and CHF 5.00 for the USB charging cable.

How is the service paid for?

The service is paid in full before the start of the subscription period.  A choice of payment method can be made during the checkout process of the online order.  Payment can be made either by credit card online or by bank transfer.

What is the satisfaction guarantee?

In rare cases, the customer’s location may be in an area that does not have good mobile network coverage.  This can result in slow connectivity or no connectivity at all.  If after three days of use, the service is unsatisfactory for whatever reason, the customer can simply return the hotspot and we will refund the full annual rental amount (less the delivery charge).

What is considered a day of usage?

Any volume of traffic above 5MB during a period from midnight to midnight is considered a day of usage.

How can I know how many days of usage I have already used?

A quarterly usage report will be emailed to you.

Can extra days of usage be purchased?

Yes, extra days can be purchased online at the price of CHF 2.90 per day (minimum purchase is 14 days).

How is the hotspot returned at the end of the rental period?

As with all iSpot Connect deliveries ordered online, the delivery includes a self-addressed, stamped envelope for the return of the hotspot.  The envelope can be mailed from anywhere in Switzerland.

How much data volume is included in the subscription?

As with all iSpot Connect rentals, the rental price includes unlimited data.  There are no per day usage limits and no bandwidth (speed) penalties are ever applied.