iSpot Connect Europe FAQ


iSpot Connect Europe

How do I rent the iSpot Connect Europe service?

The iSpot Connect Europe devices can be ordered online on the iSpot Connect website for delivery in Switzerland or can be rented at the Visitor's Center in Geneva Airport (available as of the 20th of December 2016). As with the Swiss iSpot Connect service, you can reserve and pay for a unit for pickup (and dropoff) at Geneva Airport (remember to use the GVA PREPAY coupon code to remove the shipping fee from your order).

Which countries are covered by the iSpot Connect European service?

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

If your are planning on using the iSpot Connect service only in Switzerland, please rent the standard Swiss iSpot Connect units.

When does the rental period start and end?

A one day rental is 24 hours from first use if ordered online or 24 hours from rental time if rented at Geneva Airport.  For example if you rent a unit at Geneva Airport for one day at 15.00 (3pm) you have the use of the unit until 15.00 (3pm) the following day.

A weekly rental is a seven calendar day rental from first day of use if ordered online or from the rental day if rented at Geneva Airport.  For example if you start using the unit on a Monday, your rental will run through to midnight on Sunday.

How does the data volume allocation work?

Each individual day of rental includes 100MB of data traffic.  Multiple days of rental accumulate 100MB of traffic per day rented.  For example, if you rent a unit for three days, included in your rental is 300MB of traffic that can be used during those three days.

Each weekly rental includes 500MB of data traffic.

Can I purchase more data?

Yes, you can purchase additional data on our website.  Additional data is charged at CHF 5.00 for 100MB of data and CHF 19.00 for 500MB of data.

Is a deposit required?

No.  However, if the unit is damaged or items are missing when returned, we will charge CHF 80.00 for the hotspot, CHF 15.00 for the USB charger and CHF 5.00 for the USB charging cable.