New Summer Season Rental Pricing

iSpot today has launched its iSpot Connect Summer Season rental pricing:

CHF 150.-

for four consecutive months of rental anytime during the period from the 1st of May to the 31st of October.

As with all Swiss iSpot Connect rentals, the rental price includes unlimited traffic!

iSpot Announces New Seasonal Rental Pricing for this Winter Season!

iSpot is pleased to announce new pricing for the rental of an iSpot Connect unit for the 2016/2017 Swiss winter skiing season:

Rental from 01.12.16 to 30.04.17 is now priced at:

CHF 190.00

and, as with all iSpot Connect rentals, includes unlimited data traffic.

The seasonal rental is available for payment and pickup (and dropoff) at all of our partner locations as well as at the numerous holiday home rental agencies that offer the iSpot Connect service to their customers, including most of the Interhome offices in Switzerland.

The iSpot Connect seasonal rental is also available for order from our website for delivery anywhere in Switzerland.


Launch of New iSpot Connect Services & Pricing

iSpot is today launching two new mobile WiFi rental services, further expanding its service portfolio to meet the needs of the Swiss market.  These services are in addition to the existing short term rental solutions that iSpot has been offering for several years in Switzerland.  As well as the two new services, iSpot has modified its short/fixed term rental pricing for rentals of three months and above.  The new services and pricing are now available on the iSpot website.  

Annual Rentals - iSpot Connect Flex

iSpot Connect Flex is the ideal WiFi internet access solution for customers who wish to have access to the internet during the year but only on an occasional basis and do not wish to pay a full year’s subscription for a service which is not utilized most of the year.  It fulfils a long sought after solution for the owners of secondary homes in Switzerland… and it is also a mobile solution: put the hotspot in your pocket and use it anywhere in Switzerland!

iSpot Connect Flex is an annual subscription and is available in three usage bundles:

  • iSpot Connect Flex A:  42 days of usage (the equivalent of six weeks)
  • iSpot Connect Flex B:  56 days of usage (the equivalent of eight weeks)
  • iSpot Connect Flex C:  84 days of usage (the equivalent of twelve weeks)

The customer orders the bundle desired and receives an iSpot Connect mobile WiFi hotspot which he keeps for the annual contract duration.  Usage days are only counted when the hotspot is actually used.  Each usage day includes unlimited data traffic.

The customer receives a quarterly usage report of days used via email.  If the customer decides that they will need additional days of usage, these can be purchased online as well.

The iSpot Connect Flex service is the perfect solution for annual intermittent internet access requirements and has the added advantage of being a mobile solution that works anywhere in Switzerland.

We offer a three day satisfaction guarantee:  If after three days of use, the customer is not satisfied with the service for whatever reason, they can simply return the hotspot for a full refund.

More information, including a FAQ on the Flex service, can be found here.

Seasonal Rentals

The iSpot Connect Seasonal rental solution is a tailor made solution for people who are renting a holiday residence for the season or are working for the season and need an internet solution during their stay.  There are two seasonal options:

  • Winter Season – Rental from the 15th of December through to the 30th of April. The rental includes unlimited usage during the period.
  • Summer Season – Rental from the 1st of July through to the 31st of August. The rental includes unlimited usage during the period.

Short Term and Longer Rentals with Consecutive Daily Usage

For customers who need longer term rentals with consecutive daily usage, iSpot has modified the rental pricing for rentals of three months and above.  In effect, each additional month of rental above two months will be charged at CHF 39.00 per month.  The new pricing can be found here.

Delivery Charge Reduction

iSpot is glad to announce that we have reduced the charge for its delivery service from CHF 15.00 to CHF 9.00 per delivery of an iSpot Connect unit.

At the same time, we are reducing the amount of the refundable deposit from CHF 150.00 to CHF 100.00 for all online orders.

Isn't there WiFi everywhere?

So, a comment we sometimes hear from people when we tell them about the iSpot Connect mobile WiFi rental service:

"But isn't there WiFi everywhere?"

Here's some answers to that question:

  1. Yes, there is WiFi everywhere, even free WiFi.  Most of which is not very usable.  Whenever you find a free public WiFi hotspot, you can be sure that everyone in the vicinity is connected to it, including the residents that live within reach of the signal.  So, what happens when lots of people connect to the same WiFi hotspot? Good luck even opening an email...
  2. Yes, there is WiFi everywhere, even free WiFi.  Don't you love those free WiFi hotspots that make you fill in a two page form with all your details before letting you have access?  Great for when you only need to quickly check your emails to get the address of that meeting...
  3. Yes, there is WiFi everywhere, even almost free WiFi.  For example, doesn't that bar/café/pub have WiFi?  Yes, it does.  Here's how it usually works: You need to go into the establishment and buy some of whatever they are selling, even if you don't want it.  Then they will give you a code that you can use to log into their WiFi (if they don't have a code to log into their WiFi, see point 1 above).  The code usually gives you a limited time on the WiFi unless you buy something else.  And if you look around and the place is pretty full with everyone working on their various devices, then see point 1 above again...
  4. Yes, there is WiFi in my hotel.  This is a good one.  True, there are a few hotels that have invested in getting a good WiFi signal no matter where you are in the hotel.  And a very very few of these actually offer the WiFi service as part of the daily room rate (very few).  Most of the others charge extra to use their WiFi.  And then you get all the other hotels where it just so happens that your room (and probably not the only room) is at the very edge of the hotel's WiFi coverage and you have to move around your room trying to find the best position to get a signal: "How about if I lean out of the door of my room into the hallway? that may work!".  And they charge you for the privilege...
  5. Yes, the hotel said they had internet in all the rooms.  This is one that I have had the misfortune to experience.  You arrive in your hotel room, whip out your tablet to quickly fire off some emails.  "Where is the WiFi? There is no WiFi hotspot showing on my screen".  You look around and see an ethernet cable snaking out of the wall and lying on the desk.  Oops...
  6. Yes, my customer must have WiFi at their offices where we'll be meeting.  Some companies have set up a guest WiFi system so that visitors can have access to WiFi while on the premises.  But most do not.  And most of your customers that don't have a guest setup are not going to be comfortable giving you the keys to access their internal WiFi network to enable you to get that critical piece of data that will clinch the deal...

Now imagine the different experience you will have by having a mobile WiFi hotspot with you during your stay. :-)

New: iSpot Connect now delivered to your door!

Today iSpot is expanding the availability of its iSpot Connect service with the option of delivery of an iSpot Connect unit anywhere in Switzerland.

Following strong demand for the service in locations where we do not currently have an iSpot Connect distribution point, iSpot today launches the iSpot Connect Delivery Service.  For an extra fee, the unit is sent to any address in Switzerland and includes a self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of the unit.

Booking and payment can be made here.

iSpot Connect Daily Rental now Available!

Following requests from iSpot customers, as of today we are launching a daily rental option for the iSpot Connect service when renting from Geneva Airport.  Business travelers to the Geneva area have asked for this option given that the majority of their business trips are frequently only for several days, and often only one day.

We hope that this new rental option better fits the needs of our customers.

Currently this option is only available for rentals from Geneva Airport.  All other iSpot pickup locations will continue with the minimum weekly rental pricing.

Geneva Airport iSpot Connect Pickup!

iSpot is happy to announce that the iSpot Connect units will be available for pickup and dropoff at Geneva Airport as of the 6th of December.

The units can be rented at the Visitor's Center in the Arrivals Hall, directly in front of the doors leading from the baggage pickup area.  Opening hours are 07.00 to 23.00, seven days a week.

More info here!

New iSpot Pickup Locations

iSpot is actively adding new iSpot Pickup Locations to its distribution network.

We are glad to announce that we have recently added the ski stations of Morgins, Nendaz and Veysonnaz to the growing list of locations where you can rent and drop off the iSpot Connect units.

iSpot welcomes the following partners in the new locations:

Morgins - RS Equipement
Nendaz - Mariéthoz Sports
Veysonnaz - Fragnière Sports

More locations coming soon!

Geneva Airport Pickup Coming Soon!

As part of our continuous effort to expand and improve our service availability iSpot is glad to announce the upcoming availability of an iSpot Connect pickup and drop-off point at Geneva Airport.

iSpot Connect will be present at a counter next to the Visitor's Desk in the Arrivals hall every Saturday all day from the 13th of December 2014 through to the 11th of April 2015.  On other days of the week, you can pickup and drop-off your iSpot Connect Mobile WiFi unit directly at the Visitor's Desk.

Please note that, due to Geneva airport regulations, iSpot will not be able to accept payments directly at the counter.  iSpot Connect units that are picked up at the counter must have been reserved and paid for previous to arrival at the counter (payment page will be up on our site by about mid-November 2014).