Launch of New iSpot Connect Services & Pricing

iSpot is today launching two new mobile WiFi rental services, further expanding its service portfolio to meet the needs of the Swiss market.  These services are in addition to the existing short term rental solutions that iSpot has been offering for several years in Switzerland.  As well as the two new services, iSpot has modified its short/fixed term rental pricing for rentals of three months and above.  The new services and pricing are now available on the iSpot website.  

Annual Rentals - iSpot Connect Flex

iSpot Connect Flex is the ideal WiFi internet access solution for customers who wish to have access to the internet during the year but only on an occasional basis and do not wish to pay a full year’s subscription for a service which is not utilized most of the year.  It fulfils a long sought after solution for the owners of secondary homes in Switzerland… and it is also a mobile solution: put the hotspot in your pocket and use it anywhere in Switzerland!

iSpot Connect Flex is an annual subscription and is available in three usage bundles:

  • iSpot Connect Flex A:  42 days of usage (the equivalent of six weeks)
  • iSpot Connect Flex B:  56 days of usage (the equivalent of eight weeks)
  • iSpot Connect Flex C:  84 days of usage (the equivalent of twelve weeks)

The customer orders the bundle desired and receives an iSpot Connect mobile WiFi hotspot which he keeps for the annual contract duration.  Usage days are only counted when the hotspot is actually used.  Each usage day includes unlimited data traffic.

The customer receives a quarterly usage report of days used via email.  If the customer decides that they will need additional days of usage, these can be purchased online as well.

The iSpot Connect Flex service is the perfect solution for annual intermittent internet access requirements and has the added advantage of being a mobile solution that works anywhere in Switzerland.

We offer a three day satisfaction guarantee:  If after three days of use, the customer is not satisfied with the service for whatever reason, they can simply return the hotspot for a full refund.

More information, including a FAQ on the Flex service, can be found here.

Seasonal Rentals

The iSpot Connect Seasonal rental solution is a tailor made solution for people who are renting a holiday residence for the season or are working for the season and need an internet solution during their stay.  There are two seasonal options:

  • Winter Season – Rental from the 15th of December through to the 30th of April. The rental includes unlimited usage during the period.
  • Summer Season – Rental from the 1st of July through to the 31st of August. The rental includes unlimited usage during the period.

Short Term and Longer Rentals with Consecutive Daily Usage

For customers who need longer term rentals with consecutive daily usage, iSpot has modified the rental pricing for rentals of three months and above.  In effect, each additional month of rental above two months will be charged at CHF 39.00 per month.  The new pricing can be found here.