iSpot Connect - The mobile WiFi rental solution for Switzerland (and France soon). Current pickup locations in Verbier, La Tzoumaz, Leysin, Morgins and Veysonnaz.


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1. How does the iSpot Connect service work?

The iSpot Connect units use 4G mobile infrastructure to provide internet connectivity. The units "convert" a mobile data connection into a WiFi hotspot.

2. How long is the delivery time if I want the unit delivered?

Normally we ship the unit priority Swiss mail which is an overnight delivery service (business days). However, to ensure receiving the unit on time, please plan on two business days for delivery.

3. Do you reallly offer unlimited data volumes in the rentals?

Yes! The iSpot Connect rental price includes unlimited traffic. There are no daily limits or bandwidth restrictions.

4. Can I prebook (reserve) an iSpot Connect unit for pickup at Geneva Airport?

Yes you can. If you would like to prepay and reserve a hotspot for pickup (and dropoff) at Geneva Airport, choose the store pickup option and choose Geneva Airport as the pickup location. This will remove the delivery charge from the order and ensure that you have a hotspot reserved for you on arrival. You can also of course pay directly at the Visitors Desk at the airport without prebooking, but this is on a first come first serve basis and unit availability is not guaranteed.

5. Can I rent an iSpot Connect unit for longer than one month?

Yes, we have multi month rental options in the store. Please note that rentals of more than one month are not available at the Geneva Airport pickup point.

6. How secure is the iSpot Connect mobile hotspot?

Each iSpot Connect unit has it's own password (Key) to be able to connect to it using WiFi and all data is encrypted between your device and the iSpot Connect hotspot. This is much more secure that using a public hotspot where anyone connected to the same hotspot can potentially see all the data from everyone connected to that hotspot. You control who else can use your iSpot Connect hotspot.

7. Can I stream video with the iSpot Connect service?

Yes, you can with no problem as long as the unit has at least a 3G connection. However be aware that if many simultaneous WiFi connections are all streaming video using the same iSpot Connect unit, you may not have as smooth of a viewing experience.

8. Can I pickup an iSpot Connect unit at Zürich Airport?

Yes, you can. You need to choose the Delivery option and have the unit delivered "Poste Restante" at the Zürich Airport Post Office. On arrival, go to the Zürich Airport post office, show them an ID and they will give you the unit including a self addressed stamped envelope for the return of the unit.

9. Does the iSpot Connect service work everywhere in Switzerland?

Yes, it does, except perhaps in remote uninhabited mountain valleys! Here is a link showing detailed network coverage: Network Coverage.

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How to Use the iSpot Connect WiFi Unit

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